John Chapter 10

cal staggers JesusShepherdCh 10 is a continuation of the time, place & people of Ch 9.

v9 Saved must mean both from hell and from daily trib cuz of next verse.

v10 Thief is Satan.

Jesus came that we might 1. Have life (eternal) and 2. Have it abundantly (fellowship/discipleship).

v12-13 Picture of false teachers and the religious leaders.

v16 Other sheep = Gentiles. One flock = the church.

v20 These must be either hirelings (or sheep who don’t hear?).

v21 Trying to become sheep who hear.

v22 Another party!

v23 If you visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the portico of Solomon is near the southeast corner of the whole mount, I think.

v24 MAN these guys are dense.

v25 Wow, Jesus was able to hold the sheep story and continue it a long time later.

v28-29. This may be the best passage on eternal security.  We can’t even snatch ourselves out of the Father’s hand – great reminder that those who fall away from believing still have eternal life.

v32. Jesus is so cool!

v34 Jesus is quoting Psalm 82:6, and I think David is speaking (god is with a small “g”). Jesus is really pulling a mind-twist on these guys – and it’s a mind twist on me.  I don’t follow David, so I can’t really follow Jesus’ meaning here – other than to use the Pharisees’ supposed love of the scriptures against them.

v38 Boy, the theme of this book keeps getting repeated: that the works/miracles that Jesus does are why He can be believed.

v40 Jesus walks to Bethany beyond the Jordan which is just above the Dead Sea on the east side of the Jordan.

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